Triage System improvement

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Dear Patients

We would like to inform you that from the 26th of June we are making a change to our triage system – we are introducing an online consulting form which will allow you to contact us without having to wait on the phone.

We have been listening to your feedback and understand that most of the difficulties for patients are getting through on the phone and getting an appropriate appointment. We have a very high volume of calls coming through every day – in March alone we received over 14,000 calls. This can mean very long waits to get through and also means our reception staff do not have the ability to get enough information from you in order for your requests to be triaged as efficiently as we would like.

 So from June we will be using an online consulting service called AccurX patient triage.  It is a simple form to complete and allows you to give much more information about how we can help you.  It is completely secure and confidential, and the forms will be seen by a GP at the practice who will triage your requests appropriately.  This may mean an on the day appointment, a routine appointment in the future or signposting to other services.

The link to the form will be on our new website which well be going live in the coming weeks.  You can also use the NHS app which will have a link to the system, and allows you to order prescriptions as well. You can access more information about the system here.

We have tried to answer some questions you may have:

When you click the link you can complete a simple form (with as much information as possible) and submit it to the practice.  A GP will review the information and offer an appropriate appointment – either face-to-face or on the phone.  If it is for a routine appointment (i.e. not on the day) we will send you a link to book an appointment or someone will contact you by phone if you prefer.

We will have appointments available with a GP, nurse, paramedic, pharmacist, physiotherapist and mental health practitioner.

Yes, the phones will still be open however we would try and direct as many people towards using the online forms in order to keep the lines clear for those who need to speak to someone urgently.

You can nominate someone to fill out the form on your behalf, or if you call reception they can talk you through the questions and fill it out for you.  We will have a computer in reception where you can fill out a form or a member of the team can help you with that if needed.

We will have the system open to requests from 8am-3pm every working day.  It will be switched off in the evenings and over weekends and on Bank Holidays. 

Prior to the Covid pandemic our walk-in surgery was becoming too busy and unsafe with the number of staff we have.  Over the past 4 years the demand for appointments has increased dramatically and at the moment we are seeing almost 50% more patients every week than we were in 2019. (Total appointments in 2019 – 19010, in 2022 – 28426 – all GP appointments, not including vaccinations).  Currently on a daily basis we have between 120-300 requests for appointments and if we had an open walk-in clinic we would be unable to see everyone safely and in a timely manner.  Triaging requests allows us to get you seen by the right person at the right time.