Private Blood Tests and Medication

Following new guidance issued to us by the Local Medical Committee, we are no longer allowed to do blood tests or issued medication for conditions that are being investigated or treated privately.

The guidance we have received from the Local Medical Committee is as follows:

If a patient is being seen privately, then everything associated with that care is private. Thus, if the specialist orders a test which is part of his investigation then he should arrange it, act on the result and bill the patient. If a specialist refers the patient back to the GP this should only be done on completion of his treatment/investigation and may offer suggestion about further management which might include blood test … it would be at the GPs discretion and he/she would have to be prepared to act upon the result. You cannot mix and match private and NHS treatment.

We have notified the local private specialists and they understand that we are no longer able to supply this service to their private patients.

To avoid embarrassment, please do not ask one of our doctors to either prescribe private medication or request blood tests requested by your specialist as we will have to refuse.